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주제 - 비뇨기과(urology): 신간도서 / e-book


* 비뇨기과학교실 TEXTBOOK과 'The Medical Library Association's master guide to authoritative information resources in the health sciences' 출처의 COREBOOK입니다.

Urology 분류번호

Urology는 WJ/WS로 시작합니다.

  • WJ 1-875 Urogenital System 
  • WJ 1-190 Reference Works. General Works
  • WJ 140-160 Urologic Diseases
  • WJ 166-190 Therapeutics. Gynecological Urology
  • WJ 300-378 Kidney
  • WJ 400-600 Ureter. Bladder. Urethra
  • WJ 700-875 Male Genitalia
  • WS 320 Urogenital System
  • WS 322 Enuresis


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신착 단행본

*서울대학교 의학도서관 '비뇨기과' 신착 도서 입니다.

비뇨기과 신간목록 (AMAZON)

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