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주제 - 임상약리학 (Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics): 신간 도서 / e-book

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타관 대출/반납 서비스

관악캠퍼스(중앙도서관, 6개 분관) 소장도서를 의학도서관에서 대출·반납
▸ “대출가능”한 단행본(우리도서관 미소장 자료에 한함)
▸ 대출기간은 해당 도서를 소장한 기관 규정에 따름
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단행본 분류번호

우리도서관 1층 단행본실에서 분류번호 약리학은 QV로 시작합니다

  • QV 1-57 Reference Works. General Works 
  • QV 60-75 Dermatologic Agents. Gastrointestinal Agents  
  • QV 76-113 Central Nervous System Agents. Local Anesthetics  
  • QV 120-140 Autonomic Agents. Nonmetallic Elements. Neuromuscular Agents 
  • QV 150-160 Cardiovascular Agents. Anti-Allergic Agents. Natriuretic Agents  
  • QV 170-177 Reproductive Control Agents  
  • QV 180-195 Hematologic Agents 
      QV 220-241 Local Anti-Infective Agents. Coloring Agents. Complex Mixtures 
      QV 243-269 Anti-Inflammatory Agents. Anti-Infective Agents. Antineoplastic Agents 
      QV 270-285 Water. Electrolytes 
      QV 290-298 Heavy Metals 
      QV 310-325 Noble Gases. Oxygen. Antioxidants 
      QV 350-370 Anti-Bacterial Agents. Tissue Extracts 
      QV 600-666 Toxicology 
          QV 600-607 General Toxicology 
          QV 610-666 Poisons 
      QV 701-835 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics 
          QV 701-737 General Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics 
          QV 738-772 Drug Standardization. Pharmacognosy. Medicinal Plants 
          QV 773-835 Pharmaceutical Technology. Packaging. Labeling

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